Whole-plant CBD-rich Hemp Extract

Our star ingredient with amazing topical potential- BeLIFTED uses superior CBD, the absolute highest quality whole plant CBD rich hemp extract with 0.00%THC available to us. Grown on a farm in Colorado, it is completely non-psychoactive. It also does pretty amazing things for your skin by providing natural soothing and calming benefits.

More than CBD..

Skin loves our extraordinary whole-plant CBD-rich hemp extract particularly because it is not just a CBD isolate. It is a superior whole-plant hemp extract full of multiple beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, and still 80% or more cannabidiol (CBD). We use it in amounts that we have found to be the most balanced and effective for soothing and calming complicated skin.

FYI, CBD molecules are too big to enter the bloodstream, so their beneficial and soothing effects are localized and especially effective in topical form. The results will speak for themselves... 


Our LIFTED CBD is a Superior 

Whole-plant Hemp Extract and...

A powerful antioxidant

Natural and non-toxic

0.00% THC and non-psychoactive (it won't get you high)

Up to 85% CBD, with the remaining percent full of helpful terpenes and other effective cannabinoids.

Our Ingredients Check All the Boxes

Vegan and Ethical

Protection from the Elements

Non Pore-clogging

Soothing and Calming for Complicated Skin

All Shipping is Carbon Offset

We use a program to automatically offset the carbon emissions from of every shipment we send through shopify.

1% Profits Donated Through B1G1

We donate 1% of all our profits through Buy1Give1. It is important to us to use our business to contribute to a better world.

100% Cruelty Free

Our ingredients are vegan, sustainable, clean, low EWG rated ingredients that are better for you, the animals, and the world.

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